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Keep your home clutter free!

Here are 10 tips to keeping your home happy so you can stay happy too.

1. Make sure everything has a place

When organizing your home, be sure that you have a place for everything. If everything has a place, then you won't throw things anywhere when you're not sure where to put them. This will help you keep your home happy and clear of random things in your way constantly.

2. Clear out & donate often

Make a habit of clearing out your home often. Perhaps set a day a month or a quarter to go through your home and get rid of items that you no longer need or use. There are lots of places that will gladly take your items and resell them for a great price to those more in need. So not only are you cleaning out your home, but your helping others as well! Win win.

3. Stop the clutter in it's tracks

Don't let clutter into your home in the first place! When clutter doesn't enter your home, you don't have to get it out of the home. It makes life much easier.

4. Have a spot at your door

If clutter must come in to your home (as it inevitably does sometimes), have a place for it at your door. Keep your junk mail there and go through it regularly. If others live in your home and are habitually leaving items throughout the home in random places when they get home for the day, this can be a place for them to store those items until they need them again.

5. In with one, out with another

Make a rule for yourself. Each time you buy a new item that is not a true necessity, you must get rid of another item. So, before buying an item, ask yourself if you love it enough to make yourself get rid of another item already in your possession.

6. Organize smart

There are so many organizing products out there. They are great, but if you get too many of them, you will create clutter with the very items you are buying to keep your clutter under control! Start by organizing with what you already have. Then buy only what you actually have items to go in and space to put them.

7. Use technology to your advantage

It may sound daunting to scan all of your important documents, but clearing out those filing drawers will free up a lot of space from your home. Just be sure to back up those files so if your computer ever crashes you don't lose those important files.

8. Each day, quickly reset your home

Develop the habit of taking 10 minutes every day to pick things up, put them away, and tidy up your home. This will make a huge difference in your overall decluttering! I know that looking at a full cluttered home can be overwhelming. So, set a timer and do nothing but tidy up during those 10 minutes. After a couple of weeks of doing this, you will see a huge difference in your home and your mood.

9. Use hidden storage space

Utilize the small, hidden spaces of your home for the best storage possible. The back side of doors are a great place to store items with over the door hanging storage. Random cubby in a wall? Find a basket to fit the hole and store something for that room in it.

10. Try and try again

No one is perfect and we are all gonna mess up on our decluttering goals. The important thing is that you forgive yourself and move forward continuing to try again and again. If you are consistent with your daily, weekly, and monthly clean up, you will see a huge difference in your home.

We here at A&S Chem-Dry of Manhattan are here to assist you in big and small cleaning jobs. We will come to clean all your floors, or just sanitize the high touch points of your home. You can rely on the sanitizing specialist of Chem-Dry to have your back!