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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning New York City | Chem-Dry of Manhattan

Chem-Dry of Manhattan provides New York City with a superior carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning skills are vast and we have the equipment and expertise necessary to clean all kinds of carpets and stains. We here at Chem-Dry of Manhattan have proven over and over again that we are the best carpet cleaning company in New York City. If you are looking for carpet cleaning services New York City, look no further than Chem-Dry of Manhattan. Chem-Dry offers quality and affortable carpet care in New York City, we treat your carpets like we would treat our own. For a deep clean that you can trust call Chem-Dry of Manhattan.

Chem-Dry is different than steam cleaning. We use 1/3 less moisture and will leave your carpets dry in 1-2 hours. Other steam cleaners in New York City soak your carpets with chemicals and moisture, which will make them appear clean for a time, but will allow dirt to track and build up more rapidly. Wet carpets can result in mold, mildew and bacteria can grow and spread throughout carpets and in the air of your home.

Chem-Dry’s goal is to help people lead healthy lives, which starts with clean carpets and a healthy home. Our number one Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning process penetrates deep into the fibers, removing an average of 98% of common household allergens from carpets and upholstery and 89% of the airborne bacteria in your home when a sanitizer is added. So ask your technician about adding sanitizer to you carpet cleaning in New York City!

Chem-Dry is a Healthy Home brand in the carpet cleaning service industry. A lot of people suffer from allergies or asthma, but some just want to give their family the healthiest place to live and this is your home. Chem-Dry's products are the most effective in removing common allergens and bacteria in your household. Our sanitizer also improved the quality of the air you breathe in your home. We all know how much time we spend in our homes, let us make them clean for you!

Americans pay $1.3 billion for allergy-related doctor visits and over $11 billion for allergy medications annually. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something to help control your allergies and keep some of your hard earned cash in your pocket? It’s not a hopeless battle. - See more at:

Call Chem-Dry of Manhattan for a drier, cleaner and healthier carpet cleaning services New York City: (917) 447-8474




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